Monday, April 16, 2012

Food Truck Feature - Mamma Toledo's

Hello, fellow Food Truck Enthusiasts!

It has been way too long since I got a new Food Truck Feature up.  From the full time job to the development of my website to getting updated "FTJ Approved" bumper stickers made, I have been keeping a lot of plates spinning since April Fool's Day.  I'm just so glad that things on the work front have started to slow down a bit.  Now, I'm able to focus on getting features written up and posted more quickly.

During my ventures, I’m on the lookout for one-of-a-kind trucks, dishing out some amazing delights. I have come across many trucks of that nature and Mamma Toledo’s is truly one of those trucks that should not be passed up. Since 1996, owner and baker Tonya Saidi always wanted to fulfill her passion of owning a little dessert shop. But there was one major obstacle she was faced while trying to shoot for her dream.

“I worked in a title company for a real estate home builder.” Siadi stated. “I have children so I held on to the security my corporate job offered, even though my heart and soul had moved on to my pie business. It was a constant struggle going in to sit at a cubicle when I strongly knew I needed to be devoting all my time to pies.”

When her job laid her off, she pressed on to pursue her culinary dream of owning a dessert truck.

“It was the best thing they could’ve ever done for me. I had been looking for a dessert truck starting in 2007 but I couldn’t find the right make, model and year. I happened to get laid off before I found the truck so I used some money from my 401K and found my baby when I was taking few months off during the summer.”

And in October of 2007, Mamma Toledo’s went into high gear and hasn’t looked back since, cranking out delicious homemade pies to the masses. From her Cup-of-Pies, or “CupPies” as I like to call them, to her 5” and 9” pies, every pie is baked with handmade crusts and sweet and savory fillings. Baking classics such as Key Lime and Lemon Meringue to more amazing over-the-top creations such as BBQ Apple, Butterscotch, and Bailey's and Cream (my personal favorite), each bite will make you feel like you’re back having a slice of Americana from your mother’s, or grandmother’s, kitchen.

Mamma Toledo's Butterscotch Pie
“My mom was my inspiration for cooking and baking. She would cook these amazing meals and I always felt so loved when she cooked for us. She passed away in 1995 and I think more than anything she has inspired me more from the side. I wished I would‘ve taken the time to cook with and really learn directly from her instead of the cook books that were left behind.”

Saidi also makes sure that her children spend time with her in the kitchen and hopes to one day be able to teach classes, through baking and cooking, in order to bring back the importance of family values to teenagers .

“I would definitely teach in a room, face-to-face, in order to get the idea across about the bonding process. I hope to help teenagers, not only my own, to recognize the healing qualities and bonding opportunities that baking or cooking with your family offer.”

Mamma Toledo’s pies are something that you just can not pass up at all. You can find her at the local Farmer’s Markets and festivals and also has accounts where her pies and treats are featured. You can find more information on her website,, or you can follow her on Twitter and be up-to-date on her next outing.

So, come on out and let her shut your pie hole… in a good way! And before I forget, Mamma Toledo’s is officially…

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